A Chat With The Prayer Partner

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

A Chat With The Prayer Partner

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Sat 04 Mar, 2017 14:23:45 EAT
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A Chat With The Prayer Partner

You are the queen of my heart
Let's join up tonight
Come balm my burning soul
For I wanna feel your sweetness
I wanna explore your world
I wanna show you the meaning of love?

Poetry is,
The space between two naked souls,
Let tonight,
Be my knight,
Ooh cz we do it right,
Let me call you king,
Your name in my head ring

You are my better half
Without you,
I won't be complete .
All I dream is you now
Those lingering taste of your lips
Kissing mine gently.
Oooh I can't wait for tonight.

You make my brain blue,
My heart maroon,
Be the nectarines so sweet,
Be the fountains so deep,
You are
Fires of the galaxies,
You are,
Fires of virgin hearts,
May my life be a blank page,
As your pen my paths inscribe

Ooh my sweetheart
I can't wait to touch the right spots
For all I want is take you
Yeah,take you to another world
I wanna conquer your heart
And make the impossible possible
For you are the love of my life.

Your skin so velvety,
Do your bath in grape juice partake?
Your voice deep,
Masculine and sweetly arousing,
Your touch so electric,
The power in your touch,
Grab me,
Hold me,
He the ice Honey,
I will be the sweet berg under the ocean of thine love

Lets play the game now
The game of skin and skin
Where the fingers and tongue compete
The game in which there are no losers
But only winners in each
Let's run from this world
From all the pain of the world
Let's enjoy what brings us together
What unites us my love.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Juma
    Hiyo mapenzi noma
    352 wk ago
  • Alice
    Prayer partner Hehe... So romantic kechi
    352 wk ago
  • Chris
    prayer partner, a nice piece
    352 wk ago
  • Gabuh
    352 wk ago
  • Sandra
    Lovely piece of art. She must be one unique girl
    352 wk ago
  • Chirume
    Sisemi kitu
    352 wk ago
  • Vivian
    Prayer partner....hehe nice piece
    352 wk ago
  • Isabella Nkirote
    i like the style here... haha awesome Kechi
    352 wk ago
  • Lemuel
    Love is a great thing
    352 wk ago
    That's nice sir
    352 wk ago

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