A Letter To You

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

A Letter To You

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Thu 23 Mar, 2017 08:21:46 EAT
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A Letter To You

I write this with sadness and emotions,
Though one might think it's a feature film,
I wish to address the filthy rich,
And those good at heart.
It's not out of flight of fansy,
It's not about the French leave either,
But rather out of reality.

I got a face like a wet week- end.
Not only me but the whole community,
Our emaciated bodies are our face value,
This is the fact of the Matter,
We have fell at our first hurdle,

Though we got oil isn't ours,
The " owners" own it.
We have to face up to the facts.
We got herds but stolen by the "raiders"
Yesterday we faffed around,
But even the president falled out.

We can't fathom out about the donations,
For we hear that in news and dream about it.
We. Can't fawn over the politicians,
For in the streets they've hidden themselves.
With there big bellies they move,
As by hunger and drought we die.

I hope I found you in good terms,
For we feed off mosquitoes and insects.
And soon we will be carcasses.
How I wish one will ferret out,
And save this perishing souls.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Vivian
    Awesome piece
    349 wk ago
  • Juma
    Great brother.
    349 wk ago
  • Faith Williams
    splendid. This piece ha got a message
    349 wk ago
  • Eunny
    By hunger and drought we die. The poem carries great emotion. Portrays lives of the less fortunate in the most appropriate way. Bingo!!
    349 wk ago
  • Calvo
    this has 2 g8 2 the news
    349 wk ago
  • Sandra
    349 wk ago
    keep it up sir
    349 wk ago
  • Royalty
    349 wk ago
  • Poet Hamyc
    how i wish the rich would suffer hunger and be emaciated in their hearts towards helping the needy...great piece
    349 wk ago
  • Quin Bernards
    Message well relayed
    349 wk ago
  • Kechi
    thanks guys for your time and your contributions I really appreciate
    349 wk ago
  • Rick Okinda
    I like this one, well written brother
    349 wk ago
  • Soo
    Awesome one
    349 wk ago
  • Isabella Nkirote
    Hunger hunger you spoke for us Kechi keep up
    349 wk ago
  • NaBi
    True! True! True!
    349 wk ago
  • Dismas
    Speak out bro thats the reality love it
    349 wk ago
  • Didy
    Aaaaaw so sad but will make it though
    349 wk ago
  • Rita
    Not bad Kechi. Cant wait to see the next one
    349 wk ago
  • Kelvin Achuka
    349 wk ago
  • Amisi
    epic piece
    348 wk ago

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