A Notch Higher


A Notch Higher

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:15:18 EAT
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A Notch Higher

(Response to Trizah - A Notch Lower)

She is a goddess in her own realm,
I have a wife at home,
She has a boy,
We share, not love,
But insurance,
I pay my premiums and claim whats mine,
And she offers prepaid services.

She fakes her climax,
I know,
She moans as I puff and rant
Like a train of the first war,
She rides me without licence,
She does what my wife can't,
I do what her boy can't.
I call her my little angel,
Because she is my daughter's age mate,
Yet she makes me toss and turn,
And shows me styles in bed,
Like the Devil himself is her tutor.
She has a figure,
My wife lost it decades ago,
Perky mounds on her chest,
Like the clock at three,
Is her figure when she stands
My wife's lie flat on her chest,
And her sight doesn't make me want lust.

Her father denies her money for make up
Her boy promises her dates,
On money he bets,
Most don't go his way anyway,
She wants big cars,
All his boy can afford are games and chats,
Her boy brags of dreams and focus,
I fuel my four cars,
He doesn't know her needs,
Yet he wants her kneads.

She knows her space and I know mine,
She knows even the oldest cat needs milk,
And yes she gives it to me,
She might kill me with ecstacy yes,
But I already wrote my will.

NB - I am not the persona and not in any way in support of the 'sponsorship' trend

By Rapando
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