A Poet's Heel

Allan M. Kiptoo

A Poet's Heel

By Allan M. Kiptoo

Sun 30 Dec, 2018 18:36:28 EAT
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A Poet's Heel

Tread carefully
Dear poet. Watch your step

As you walk on the path of words.
Keep a look out for the darkness, & the light.

A poet does not have the pleasure of departing
From reality's grasp. A touch of light and a pinch of dark,
A dish served gray.

Life is gray. Like the moon
That your gaze falls on each cheesy poem you weave with words cliché.

You border on the extremes
Of human emotions. Dear poet

Tread carefully.
A poets heel travels where no other dares set foot.


By Allan M. Kiptoo
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