A Sad Story

Masinde Ezra-  WordCoded

A Sad Story

By Masinde Ezra- WordCoded

Tue 25 Jul, 2017 21:38:00 EAT
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A Sad Story

A sad story it is my dears
Lemme take you back ten years
When Kenya shed her tears
It still is one of our greatest fears

Just that unfortunate instance
When the better part of you was full of ignorance
Without thought you made an utterance
That compromised my patience and tolerance

You drove off back to your heaven
Muthaiga Kileleshwa Runda or Karen
We gladly accepted your little token
Machettes, knives and axes we began to sharpen

Chanting slogans of no peace in unison
Someone said its a hunting season
Hunting? Blood shed for nor reason?
As the red sun sank across the horizon

We ceased being a sovereign nation
And ruined our legendary reputation
To a shaming epitome of global condemnation
Political, ethnic and tribal were the forms of discrimination and segregation

Faced with a double strike of calamity
Suffering the law enforcers rage and brutality
Roasting in the barbeque of our own enmity
A result of childlishness and political immaturity

Thousands of fellow taxpayers battling with displacement
Thousands more yet to come to terms with bereavement
Mutilated were the corpses by the pavement
And our inciters were quiet without even a statement

My fellow countrymen lets wisen up
Lets stand up
Lets fill the gap
Lets grow up
It really doesnt add up

We deserve a lot more better
It doesn't pay being a hater
We're all a product of the Creator

My final act of loyalty
Forget about my musicality
Borrowing from the anthem of nationality
We deserve Unity Peace and Liberty

By Masinde Ezra- WordCoded
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