A Therapist's Therapy

Holy Boy Ritchie

A Therapist's Therapy

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Wed 06 May, 2020 16:46:02 EAT
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A Therapist's Therapy

Someone once said,
"I don't understand you anymore,
You're so calm and dull,
Even the river screams when angry,
Are you okay?
Did something happen to you?
What's in your heart for us?
You know opening up is a form of therapy,
And like wood and glue, I'll always stick to you."

Then someone asked,
"Am I the only one in your life?
Do you see me in your dreams whenever you sleep?
Am I your future or we just passing time?
Can you cope up with my imperfections?
Will you one day walk away from me?
How about we have some arguments?
I'm scared of the future!"

Then someone felt offended,
"Perhaps you should see someone,
I'm not fit for you,
I don't know what tomorrow holds for us,
But I can feel there's no chemistry between us,
Maybe we were meant to be yesterday and today but not
Thanks for opening up to me.
But I'm sorry for closing up.
I'm really sorry!"

Then someone who said,
"Opening up is a form of therapy,"
Is the same who concluded,
"Opening up might bring some closure!"

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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    Keep doing what you're doing child. Phenomenal!
    205 wk ago
  • Palmer
    More than amazing..I love thise
    205 wk ago
  • Isaac Maranga
    Lovely broh keep it up
    205 wk ago
  • Nyatichi
    A nice read😍😍.keep it upπŸ‘Œ
    205 wk ago
  • Dee
    Great piece
    205 wk ago
  • Sheila
    This is so awesome. I love it
    205 wk ago
  • Hilda
    Nice piece dear😍😍
    205 wk ago
  • Cliffe
    Nice piece..keep it up
    205 wk ago
  • Taurus
    Therapy comes in all forms... Reading this, is a form of therapy Double thumbs up Ritchie
    205 wk ago
  • Lawrence
    205 wk ago
  • Quinter Star
    Ritchie you are doing great,...nice piece keep it up
    192 wk ago

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