All About You


All About You

By Cynthy

Sat 04 Apr, 2020 23:19:42 EAT
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All About You

I let the feathery touch erase all unwanted feelings
I let the bitter taste wash away my pain
I let the smoke fill up my lungs and engulf any emotion
I let myself go
Forgetting every single memory of you
I chugged down all the drinks hoping time will stand still
Or yet go so fast that I'll be lost in it
Lost in its pleasure and calmness
That has evaded me since you left me
Unaware of the silent battles I've been fighting
I wanted you to notice me breaking
Without me opening up
But that's crazy right?
I wanted you to hold my hand and walk me through it all
But I was strong for me
I was there for us
I got so lost in you
That I forgot there was me
It was all about you
Always has been.

By Cynthy
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  • Morse
    Nice piece 💪
    209 wk ago
  • Melissa
    Nice one
    209 wk ago
  • Victoria
    209 wk ago
  • Anville
    209 wk ago
  • Najib
    Marvelous nd beautiful like u
    209 wk ago
  • Keith Ptallah
    Creative piece of work
    209 wk ago
  • Hillary
    209 wk ago
  • Cherop
    Nice piece👌
    209 wk ago
  • Gau
    Absolutely muchacha 😄👌
    209 wk ago
  • Evans
    209 wk ago
  • Macharia Waweru
    Artistic composition 😊. Can be re-read infinity times. Great job.
    209 wk ago
  • Allan M
    Yet another marvelous piece 🔥
    209 wk ago
  • Kineto
    Nice piece🤴
    209 wk ago
  • Felex
    You're amazing
    135 wk ago

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