All In You

The Untamed Ink

All In You

By The Untamed Ink

Sun 30 Jun, 2019 20:19:22 EAT
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All In You

I had always feared, hesitated
Before me to infinity
Had been an obscurity,
A healthy cloud of doubt
Had always painted my sight

A thousand times and more
I had questioned myself -
Who I was and where I headed,
'Cause I had always felt lost 'n hollow
I had known not that which I sought

But then when you came,
Overnight all had changed
The cloud had faded
And the sight had resuscitated
I saw all that I had lost

So in the glitter of your flowery eyes
I saw my face
And a bright star of hope
In you I found my way home
To the bed of endless joy

By The Untamed Ink
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