All She Needs Is Love


All She Needs Is Love

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:18:13 EAT
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All She Needs Is Love

We had a thing,
And that thing was love,
I loved her,
She loved me,
Those were the days,
I was a man,
A man of his stature,
Expensive gifts,
She was my queen,
And I was the king.

Then my business plunged,
A day before I could go on my knee,
I called off the road trip,
Told her I was sick,
She said she'd come to nurse,
I said it was chronic,.
And I wouldn't want to make her sick.

Weeks later,
We hadn't met,
She was worried,
I was worried more,
She thought she was losing me,
I knew how true that was,
She was a daughter of her father,
Grew in the leafy suburbs,
Knew no public transport,
I knew for her I wasn't fit,
I even sold my phone,
The suits,
The shoes,
The house,
Everything, to make ends meet.

I escaped to the other end of town,
Where the sun rises,
Where a toilet is a communal blessing,
I never forgot her,
But as I begged for food and cash,
I begged God to erase me from her memories.

A public announcement,
Of a charity event coming up,
I said well,
It might be a shine, a light,
I went and met food and music,
Then I saw her,
At the front of the queue,
Not lining up for food,
But dishing it out,
I stood, stagnant,
Like I had turned into a magnet,
And the earth was one thick steel,
I shouted,
She looked,
Then the other way,
She didn't see me,
But there was no turning back,
I dreaded using up all the food on shouting,
She looked again,
This time I waved,
And her attention was caught,
And she was in momentary shock,
She came running,
I stood, rooted,
Her arms,
Waiting for me to take her,
I stretched mine,
to stop her,
I didn't want to soil her perfume
with days old muck,
She slapped them away,
Engulfed me in a suffocating embrace,
-You bastard, there's no place I didn't look for you-
She said,
She looked at me,
Sad smile,
-All I needed was love, Sam -
I hadn't heard better words.

By Rapando
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