An Unlike Opponent

Ruby Morey

An Unlike Opponent

By Ruby Morey

Thu 18 Jun, 2020 02:28:50 EAT
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An Unlike Opponent

I saw two in the battle field,
Vice and virtue
They stood in big contrast
A virtual chasm between them
In what appeared to be a joust.

It was easy to point out vice
She stood tall and wide
Loud and shrill from her mouth came pompous words
Long her infamous praises had been sung
A proud arrogant smirk didn't leave her face
Determination etched in her every features
She stood on her side regarding her opponent with a sneer.

Then there was virtue
Her strength did not scream of brute force
She almost appeared timid, like a novice
Her armor was not what you saw in everyday battles
Her sword was carved out of kindness and gentleness
Long the blacksmith smelted her breastplate in goodness
Her silver helmet had been made of unique and rare diligence
Her face shone of fortitude, prudence.

The battle cry sounded
Vice came charging like a tornado
With darts of cruelty and rudeness
The echoes of booming cheers rebounded
But at the battle front, vice came at a stand still
For she was met with a virtual wall of virtue's fortitide
The noises receeded
Her sweet words disarmed vice
With a skill at Patience, humility she advanced
Love and gentleness tore at her for's heart
Virtue broke down vice's suit of armor
And even when her tears fell, they slashed vice like knives.

Even after the subtle victory had been won
There was no song of victory
The victory only having been noted by vice and those clad in her armour
For she remained quite
It was not in her to rub it in people's faces
And anyway, it had taken long for her to win this unusual battle,
But vice with wounds,
That now bled from the inside,
And an unsettling feeling of loss
Still stood tall, boastful and proud,
Very few understood the nature of the fight and victory that had been won
Indeed it had been very queer.

By Ruby Morey
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