And I Shall

Holy Boy Ritchie

And I Shall

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sun 24 May, 2020 14:55:36 EAT
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And I Shall

And I shall fall in love again,
I shall unlock my heart and let it open,
Watch as the long locked feelings pour down,
Feelings of pain, betrayal and rejection,
And I shall fall in love again.

And I shall feel the warmth again,
As I lay shirtless embraced in her arms,
Basking against the eyes of the sun,
As we talk and laugh over nasty things.

And I shall find comfort again,
In her sweet soothing soft voice,
Talking about the minute details,
Laughing in the midst of chores.

And I shall feel joy again,
As I sit in the midst of my friends,
Narrating Love's ups and downs,
How she thought I'll never heal and move on.

And I shall take her home again,
To see Mama like the one before her,
I shall see if her intentions are clear,
Then roses shall bloom again.

Love will find its way into my heart again.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Derkinsenior
    Nice one..keep up the good work.. 5 Star
    202 wk ago
  • Christine Wanjuki Nyaga
    Nice piece of writing
    202 wk ago
  • Esther
    Nice one indeed,, proud of you
    202 wk ago
  • Christine Wanjuki Nyaga
    Nice piece of writing
    202 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Wonderful..nice one
    202 wk ago
  • Mercy Abor
    Aaaw🤦🏽‍♀️... This nice.
    202 wk ago
  • Cele
    It's realistic.So touchy..
    202 wk ago

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