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Mon 12 Sep, 2016 14:59:53 EAT
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She comes home after the sun kisses the sea,
She sells millet at the market - she sells it all, everyday,
even to those who don't need, 
her voice and smile robs her willing victims of their last cent,
And they prefer being her constant customers,
she knows they buy more than the millet,
they never bargain after all,
but she is willing to use her beauty to her advantage.

She sways her hips to the village eyes and giggles at their ogles,
she is the star of the West, and her village is her sky to reign,
She has fans at the village market and they wait for her arrival,
so faithful they are that they lose their ears from the evening chatter,
and just glue them on her, hoping she would make a sound,
the market road is her runway and boy! She gives them a show,
claps and whistles have become a norm,
and she ignores them with a smile and leaves their wants burning.

Her father is praised for bringing up such a beauty,
her mother is praised for passing down her curves,
the gap in her upper jaw is her grandmother's,
a beauty in her time too, and it is an added advantage over the other girls,
the boys say, through the gap they can see the beauty within,
that it adds a glamorous layer of beauty to her smile,
it is rumoured the gap alone doubled the bride price her father demanded,
Aoko is her name.

Yesterday she got married in festival and style,
No other seen before, sure to be remembered for a while,
and a while in this village means generations.
A soft brown carpet of sim sim lay on her path and fresh flowers rained above,
It was her day and she lived it,
Her mother washed her wedding robe with tears, her eyes leaked their all,
Partly because it was a separation, and partly because her sales would dwindle,
She also knew of beasts winning the beauties and feared having a beast for a son-in-law.

She was escorted by a crowd, no, that's an understatement, a multitude,
Songs of praise and sad parting reverberated in the evening heat,
her business competitors ululated the most and danced to the tune of the sand below,
Even the crickets would have no play that eve,
It is rumoured her husband inherited a whole herd and knew no hunger,
Even the huge bride price didn't leave a dent,
She would be fed well, and she would bear children,
And the villagers would soon find something to talk about,
but nothing greater than her.

By Rapando
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  • Rapando Jnr
    Thanks Dammer :-)
    377 wk ago
  • Dammer
    This is so awesome
    377 wk ago
  • Lynn.
    I hope she will see this,,, I love it.
    377 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Thanks Lynn and Ashleen. Haha I'll make sure she does
    377 wk ago
  • Ashleen
    Oh my!this is so beautiful Sammy.
    377 wk ago
  • Okwach Faith
    Sam you always make my readings soo amazing. Big up pal. That'sthe coolest piece you've got there. * Am not being tribal* its just superb
    376 wk ago
  • Whitney
    Wonderful piece Sam!!!
    376 wk ago
  • Ruthie
    Awesome piece
    376 wk ago
  • Priscy
    376 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Thanks guys
    376 wk ago
  • Anita Nimmoh
    This is so perfect!
    376 wk ago

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