Be Mine


Be Mine

By Cynthy

Sun 03 Feb, 2019 19:16:39 EAT
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Be Mine

At night I dream of you,
I dream of your hands on me,
Caressing and exploring my body,
I dream of your lips,
Nibbling on my ear,
Whispering words of love,
kissing my neck,
Leaving me breathless and moaning,
Like an ecstasy pill,
Pure euphoria.

You are like the ocean,
So calm yet so dangerous,
No one really understands,
What's going on inside,
Blinded by beautiful cowrie shells,
Glistening as the sun sets,
Ethereal when the moon rises.

I can't seem to stop the smile that grace my lips,
Every time I see you ,
Can't stop my heart from reaching out to you,
Can't stop my hand from holding yours,
Hoping Maybe this is forever for us,
But your hands are cold,
Your heart is broken,
I don't know which piece to hold on to,
Please let me paint your world,
With promising colours,
Let me be your six
You can be my nine,
You can be mine,
We can be the perfect mix.

In absolute haze ,
With the flashing neon lights,
You call me,
You cry and say you are sorry,
But No,
Baby tell me of this woman,
Who took your smile away?
Who froze your heart?
Who hurt you?
That you don't want to love,
Tell me why she left you to drown?
I'll drag you back to the shore,
We'll live again,
I'll let you in my world,
I can't promise you permanent smiles,
But I can promise that you'll have me as long as you want me.

By Cynthy
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  • Abbas Salim
    So accurate,so beautiful,so peaceful yet so chaotic. Love it!!
    225 wk ago
  • Rubbie
    Excellent piece of work Cynthy... Thumbs up💖
    225 wk ago
  • Gaudencia
    Wow..Amazing piece so erotic.. I love it
    225 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Awesome 😋😍😍
    225 wk ago
  • Faith Cherotich
    Wow!!it's captivating Cynthy...keep up👌 And i love it.
    225 wk ago
  • Anonymous
    So good, I feel it.
    225 wk ago
  • Sir Henry Films
    masterpiece .... one of my favourite
    225 wk ago
  • Abdulrahman Abubakar
    so amazing.. I love the flow of sweet words
    222 wk ago
  • Keith
    Wowww!!!! Simply amazing!!!! 👌
    209 wk ago
  • Kevin
    Impressive 💖 A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover ~bukowski
    203 wk ago
  • Hillary Kiprop
    142 wk ago

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