Beyond The Horizon


Beyond The Horizon

By Stumah

Mon 23 Oct, 2017 06:22:58 EAT
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Beyond The Horizon


“Though I walk through the valley
That of the shadow of death”
Words that gave us hope
In minds decided not to stop
Even without clear direction
Held spirits high and set out
All in aim to conquer

They said it will be tough
They never said how tough
They said it would be long
They never said how long
They promised enemies
They just never said how many

Here we are down
Chewed up and spat out
After the storm we endured
Came the desert to endure
Like the evening sunlight
Hope slowly fading away

We believe in success though
That's why we push through
When finances never come our way
Barred from bars by poverty
As the “cleans” push us behind bars
We still fight this fight
Hoping for the best like the rest

One day at a time
And one day one time
Maybe at daytime;
Or any other time of the day
Success will come our way
When we shall choose what to have
Instead of have what to choose
In that place beyond the horizon


By Stumah
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  • Bonnie
    310 wk ago
  • DEMETRIUS White Berry
    Fantastic poem
    310 wk ago
  • Magolo
    Nice piece.keep it up
    310 wk ago
  • Erick
    nice keep up bro..
    310 wk ago
  • Joey
    310 wk ago
  • Winnie
    I love inspiring
    310 wk ago
  • Winnie
    I love inspiring
    310 wk ago
  • Mwembi
    Good stuff
    309 wk ago
  • Atsiaya
    Hold the candle up brother
    309 wk ago
  • Msepetu
    Inspiring... nice
    309 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Barred from bars by poverty
    309 wk ago

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