Broken Promises


Broken Promises

By Cynthy

Thu 15 Apr, 2021 19:09:49 EAT
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Broken Promises

She held the broken pieces of herself
Crying over the mess she had made
Hurling insults aimed to sooth herself
Hoping it would heal the guilt and hate she felt
towards the world,
towards herself,
Curled up in her bed
Reminiscing every moment she relinquished power
crumbling her trampled heart even more,
Woven with bitterness and anger
That she couldn't let go
And she hated herself more
because she just couldn't forgive.

The blade felt sweet as it slit across her wrist
The blood was a warm welcome
Trickling down
All her sins drained out
Maybe when it will be all over
She will be pure again
Free of the chains that bound her
that chocked her
Maybe when the sun rises again
She won't be there to see it
To live to see the sun set
Maybe then she'll be at peace.
Then they will all come and say
She was happy
That her smile radiated through dull souls
They will sing praises,
they will glorify her
and paint her as an amazing person
Daisies will adorn her resting place
White and purple
A candle lit to guide her path
Maybe then she will truly be happy.

By Cynthy
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