Buried Within


Buried Within

By Cynthy

Sun 01 Nov, 2020 10:13:00 EAT
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Buried Within

Here I am
Wallowing in self pity
hoping that the loud music
will drown the voices
that whisper of vices I do not wish to indulge in
Hopefully it will burn the bridges to the
ties that bind me to the unknown
Where it's dark and scary
No more hello's from the other side
But there's more..
More of the hate
So much that it engulfs
the blooming flowers in spring

When will the rain come
to wash it all away
to rid us of the filth
rotting away in our hearts
When will the sun brighten the horizon again,
When will it bless us with it's glorious sunshine..
Maybe then, that will be my last.

By Cynthy
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  • Abbas
    Nice piece.
    179 wk ago
  • RK
    179 wk ago
  • Hillary
    Nice piece
    179 wk ago
  • Milly Seroney
    Awesome 😊
    179 wk ago
  • Getty
    This is so deep. I like it.
    179 wk ago
  • Shania
    Deep one
    179 wk ago
  • Angellah Nyamai
    Great pieces have read from this platform. I would like to join and post my piece or more too. Thanks
    160 wk ago

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