By The River


By The River

By Rapando

Fri 29 Jul, 2016 01:45:58 EAT
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By The River

A lush green ascension by the hill side,
An open house for two love birds with no nest,
Her head on his chest, smile on his face,
Her voice rings to the silence of the birds,
As his heartbeat races with the splash of the river.

A moment shared, reborn and relieved,
Here they have found solace with the wild,
Unknown to the world, familiar to themselves,
Their planet in their own realm,
He ain't the king, she ain't the queen,
But subjects to trust, understanding and love they are,
He knows her, she knows him, no pretence, no perfect masks.

She has been a victim of false promises,
He has been a victim of love frauds,
In each other they've lost pride and found trust,
To lies they've surrendered and for truth they fight,
The sky covers then with its infinite depth of wisdom, older than age itself,
Even the clouds form illusive truths in their eyes,
They don't need the silver lining,
Their love is bronze coated in gold,
Imperfect but worth it,
By the river their vows pass,
And with the salmons their hearts dance in love.

By Rapando
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  • Tina
    This is awesome work Rapando
    383 wk ago
  • Whitney
    Great Piece Sam!!Love it.
    383 wk ago
  • Anita Nimmoh
    I love this piece. True love.
    376 wk ago

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