Cold Hearts


Cold Hearts

By Cynthy

Tue 17 Mar, 2020 11:32:22 EAT
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Cold Hearts

He sat there and judged her
Picking all her flaws and exploring them
He tainted her name
Soiled it with malice and hate
He stripped her naked
And let everyone laugh at her
He watched and smiled at her demise
Then walked back into her life like a Saint
he mended her, comforted her
Like he was never the devil that ruined her
Gullible and naive
She fell for the warm embrace
The occasional talks that lifted her mood
But once again he left her
to be devoured by the wolves
To brave the icy world that made her cold
The pain she felt moulded her
Made her stronger
But deep within she held the weight of betrayal.

By Cynthy
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  • Nick
    Niece piece
    211 wk ago
  • Macharia Waweru
    Amazing, superb writing...keep up.
    211 wk ago
  • Cynthy
    Thank you ☺️
    211 wk ago
  • Jerry
    You should write a book or two.
    211 wk ago
  • Faith
    I love your writing Keep up
    211 wk ago
  • Abbas
    Interesting theme..
    210 wk ago

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