Cry Not At My Funeral

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Cry Not At My Funeral

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Sun 20 Aug, 2017 21:35:20 EAT
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Cry Not At My Funeral

When the Lord calls me over,
That my work on earth is over,
That my soul needs to rest like calm water
I will joyful head over
For all will be well with Him.

My body should be in sac and not sack
And just like a berry I will be buried for my juice will be over
How I wish no dirges and eulogies in my party
But wine and plenty of foods.

All my cash should be taken from the cache
And my body wrapped in no canvas
And no canvass Should be allowed.
Priests should marry couples
Yeah marry so that people should Merry.

Let the medals be awarded to the mighty
And joy fill the whole atmosphere
Hope no one will meddle with the plans
All those that mourn should be jailed
And all that moan should let live.

Pails should be pale
And food and snacks shared equally
Mama make no noise unless you want to wake me up
Sleep is sweet and that's what I yearn for
Stand not at my grave for no one wants disturbance ,
All I want is cry no more at my funeral

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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