Curbed Smiles


Curbed Smiles

By Cynthy

Wed 29 May, 2019 15:24:52 EAT
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Curbed Smiles

Dark hearts speak of no tales,
Mighty waves swept through,
Scattered feathers lay still,
Demise everywhere,
Nothing left to scavenge,
Who glorifies this?,
What tells of the tales of mystery?

Unclear feels,
Battered by the prolonged exposure,
To mediocrity that kept you at bay,
Swarming emotions summoned,
By the extreme torture that no one knows,
Hidden treasures, that hold no value,
Ghosts with names and faces,
That hold value,
Who's to blame?

Touched by the scandalous trips,
Hailed from deep within,
Surging through her entire existence,
She couldn't tell reality from a dream,
None comforted her,
They wanted her gone,
Didn't they?
Cursing every time she had hope,
Of a better place,
She should have known,
Who was she anyway?
Nothing that's what.

Tough exterior,
She knew what it felt,
Your own self,
Jabbing pain and insults,
She didn't know how to fight it anymore,
What could be worse than this?
That would be a relief,
But the morning left her rejuvenated,
There was something about the sun's rays,
That reflected on her face,
It was as if it smiled at her,
Lifting her dying spirit,
She never wanted to miss
the glorified feeling ,
That somehow made her powerful
enough to Live.

By Cynthy
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