Days Later She Came Back


Days Later She Came Back

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:51:34 EAT
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Days Later She Came Back

Smile on her face,
Roses in her hand,
She came back,
She had a card,
An apology written,
Her face told of a broken heart inside,
Her eyelids hid regret deep within,
She said she had no reason to leave,
She said she was sorry,
She said she realised she was wrong,
She asked if I still loved her.

I loved her,
I still did,
If I welcomed her back,
Would she leave again,
With no notice and leave me with pain?
Would she walk out,
And leave me with open arms?
Would she text a break up,
And leave me with question marks?
Would she repeat?

I wasn't ready to take the risk,
I knew I loved her,
I knew she loved me,
I wasn't ready to play a game of love,
With a team which employed the referee,
I wasn't ready for an impromptu end time whistle,
I wasn't ready to be of jeers by fans,
I wasn't ready,
So I took the rose,
And shook my head in reply

By Rapando
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