Dear Inner Self

Holy Boy Ritchie

Dear Inner Self

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sat 26 Oct, 2019 07:51:19 EAT
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Dear Inner Self

Dear inner self,
Today I have a meeting with you,
I want us to have a one on one talk,
And clear out some issues.
May it never be said, that we broke up without a dialogue
So please tell me, why did you do this to me?
I thought we were more than friends.

Yesterday in the morning,
You said it was too early for us to wake up,
Let's sleep until noon, you said
After all, it's only the two of us, you said
And I obeyed you, for we have always worked together.
Yet it was the day Mercy was coming over,
She called at 11 and said,
"Nikujie hapa kwa gate. Imefungwa kutoka ndani."
I thank you because she left knowing I'm a responsible and hardworking man,
A hardworking man who sleeps like he's competing with the dead and expecting to make it in the world of the living.
A responsible man who cannot spread his bed nor wash last night's used utensils.
Thank you for that wonderful advice.

The other day you said there was no need to cook,
That we are too tired to wash sufurias and plates daily,
And if I disobey you I'll have to wash them alone.
Instead you suggested we cook some white porridge,
It's very sweet without sugar, you said
I obeyed you, for I always want us to be in good terms.
On that day, Shaz showed up!
She said she was very hungry,
As usual, she is the one who serves herself at our home,
She left knowing there's no rich person on earth like me.
You made me a hero that day.

Yet I'm very angry with you,
How can you do this to me?
Today you gave me the poorest plan ever,
And embarrassed me more than ever,
How can you suggest we wake up earlier than usual,
Do all the house chores on time,
Spread our bed neatly, spray our room with an air freshener and choose our favourite movie,
Go and buy nyama choma and crisps take away for lunch,
Set the table ready to dine,
Then Brayo and Stevoh comes over!!!
You have failed me totally today!

Next time if you advice me like this again,
Then we will have to break up,
You can't make me look lazy and poor to my girlfriends,
And make me look rich and hardworking to akina Brayo.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Victor
    Nice work
    187 wk ago
  • Ayieko Jakoyo
    Nice read. Poetry on point. I love it
    187 wk ago
  • Ayieko Jakoyo
    Nice read. Poetry on point. I love it
    187 wk ago
  • Ayieko Jakoyo
    Nice read. Poetry on point. I love it
    187 wk ago
  • Ogembo
    pure artisty. work well done brother.
    187 wk ago
  • Derrick Kamau
    Congratulations bro. This speaks a lot.
    187 wk ago
  • Maryanne Mwikali
    Nice piece.. Love it
    187 wk ago
  • Smart
    So amazing
    187 wk ago
  • Rafael
    Niece piece 👏
    187 wk ago
  • Quinter
    Dope....loving it
    187 wk ago

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