Death Of The Weakest

Kenyatta Junior

Death Of The Weakest

By Kenyatta Junior

Wed 07 Dec, 2016 20:57:55 EAT
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Death Of The Weakest

onward Christian soldiers
soldiers forever -
Those are the words they chant on the streets
with a fluting sound
their footsteps receding
away ,away ,away they go in the streets
firing missiles ... they go
helplessly I watch during the death throes of poor citizens
The drama enacted there is like only meant to be seen by the tribe and nobody else
No cameramen to view the drama
No news reporters in the streets
We felt forlorn
many tests the goddess of death
'cause the people to protect are now destroying
It is burial time
The ministers come escorted by entourage
call them VIPs
they are like benign audience
" We are in a distraught state
whether it is real or unreal
lets forget about the past
be focused on the future
we have to be one
in body
soul and
moment of silence- " the speech ends
later the people to learn it was an orchestrated campaign
they can no longer hold on their anger
they act like maniacs
there and then they start a melee

By Kenyatta Junior
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  • Kechi
    Awesome bro just reflects the normal and current situation we experience feel like reading it once and again nice work
    364 wk ago
  • Hillary
    The poem is good ....I feel like reading it every time
    364 wk ago
  • Hillary
    The poem is good ....I feel like reading it every time
    364 wk ago
  • Kevin Wynefaith
    Ryt God is over all
    364 wk ago
  • Dopeboy
    Great work
    364 wk ago
  • Kenyatta
    thanks guys 4 ur tym

    361 wk ago

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