Dick For My Wife

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Dick For My Wife

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Thu 10 Aug, 2017 14:15:13 EAT
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Dick For My Wife

It all started with a sag off from work,
Free rides and gifts not to be mentioned.
And all you said was he will save you from friends
Eventually I was scaled down.

People always gave me an incredulous look,
Yeah , whenever I raised down an alarm about us,
I have become a borrower than a lender.
And my efforts rendered a dead duck.

I once heard a danger foreseen is half avoided,
But ours was a different Kettle of fish
No priest could save us
Yeah for you dragged me to paganism after marriage.

Though now it's a bone of contention,
But it seems that a king is looking at the cat
As they say a lie begets a lie
And now rumors are I got a short rod
Maybe that's the reason you followed dick.

Dick was full of nerves ,
And being a new broom he swept clean,
The evidence is the toddler under my name.
I'm more of a scaredy -cat ;for I lack a shoulder to lean on.
Neither do I have a shot in arms.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Kado
    kinda twisted but awesome.... haha
    329 wk ago
  • Kado
    kinda twisted but awesome.... haha
    329 wk ago
  • Neema
    He he he waah nice one but twisted kiasi Keep up
    329 wk ago

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