Don't Fall In Love With Me

Holy Boy Ritchie

Don't Fall In Love With Me

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Thu 05 Mar, 2020 17:51:19 EAT
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Don't Fall In Love With Me

Don't fall in love with me,
I know nothing about intimacy,
Neither have I attended any school of love,
Perhaps that's why my little love life is just a mess.

If you fall in love with me,
I will make you shed tears by my words,
I will disturb you when you're busy,
Your phone will be crying all the time,
And your battery will be warning you for overusing it.
I will call you in the morning,
To make sure you start your day well.
I will call you at lunch hours,
To remind you how special you are to me,
I will call you at night,
To narrate to you how my day was,
And how I missed you,
And how much you mean to me.
For I don't know how to keep silent,
To the one I love.

If you fall in love with me,
I will make your friends jealous,
Your Crush will hate me for my actions,
See, I wasn't raised to be secretive,
I was told to be proud of what I have,
And cherish it with all my life.
So I'll publicize our love to the world,
And let everyone see how much I care for you.
When strolling down the road I'll hold your hand,
In front of your friends I'll kiss you,
And tell them how I feel about you.

If you fall in love with me,
You will die of insecurities,
You will wonder if I'm truly concerned about your welfare,
See, I won't be asking you if you love me like I do,
I won't be eavesdropping your calls or stalking your conversations,
I won't restrict you on the Do's and Don'ts
Mama taught me about freedom.
So you'll be at liberty to do whatever you want.
I won't be monitoring your moves,
It's not that I don't care,
It's because I hope you know what you're doing.

If you fall in love with me,
I'll teach you selfishness,
You wouldn't want to share me with anybody else.
I'll bewitch you with my love and care,
So that you will never deviate nor go away from me.
I'll strike you blind,
That you won't see any man apart from me.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Anonymus
    Wow fantastic
    219 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Wow fantastic
    219 wk ago
  • Tai
    This is really good.
    219 wk ago
  • Hezb Mxafi
    Very amezing one brother keep it up
    219 wk ago
  • Everlyne Kerubo
    Wooow this is really amazing
    219 wk ago
  • Peter Mokaya
    Good stuff Holy Boy.You got talent bro,keep grinding 🙏
    219 wk ago
  • Betty
    Awesome...I love it
    219 wk ago
  • Diane
    Amazing work.. Keep it up brother
    219 wk ago
  • Lelei
    219 wk ago
  • Lelei
    219 wk ago
  • Esther
    Love it,, keep up!
    219 wk ago
  • Sly
    Beautiful one
    219 wk ago
  • Colleta
    Keep it up! Awesome
    218 wk ago
  • Sam
    Go go go.. Explore.
    215 wk ago
  • Anonymous
    Awesome awesome You have nail it Keep the fire burning
    207 wk ago
  • Abel More
    What a piece! So talented Ritchie
    207 wk ago

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