Dont Forget Me When Am Gone


Dont Forget Me When Am Gone

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:50:06 EAT
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Dont Forget Me When Am Gone

Dear Awiti,
My wife by law and heart,
My love daughter of her mother,
Treasure of her father.

Awiti, I took you from your father's house,
In style only a queen deserves,
Your smile told of a bright future,
Made me feel fly, gave me goose bumps,
I had seen you in light and dark,
But that day I saw you again.

I looked in your eyes,
And you didn't shy away,
Contrary to my expectations,
I saw someone who would correct me,
Not someone who would say yes to every breathe,
However awful as long as it was mine,
I gave you my vow and you gave me yours,
To love and support till breath stalled,
I had my doubts,
But you had proved enough,
These decades have brought us together,
And now you are me,
I am you.

Awiti, when I die and leave at night,
Bury me with my fathers of old,
Say good of me,
Don't let me reside out of your mind,
Don't sing of me day and night,
Don't blame yourself for staying behind,
Feel lonely but don't feel abandoned,
But Awiti,
Read my poems in my voice,
Visualize how I spoke them to you,
Be happy that I had my chance to love you,
Love our son as you loved me,
Teach our daughter to see men from wolves
Teach them the ways of the land.

I didn't stray outside,
I didn't have kids out of wedlock,
So you won't have trips to court,
You give me joy and smiles,
I want you to be happy when am gone,
Relive me,
Cherish me,
Love me,
Don't forget me when am gone.

By Rapando
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  • Samantha
    So emotional and catchy. Amaizing
    355 wk ago

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