By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:31:48 EAT
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Jumpy feelings, short temper,
Insecure security, anxious ears,
Pregnant eyes, fast heartbeat
The anxiety of adulthood,
The reality of freedom,
The lure of peers,
That's what 18 felt like.

Finishing school,
Earning my cents,
Making decisions,
Feeling independent,
Walking on clouds
When in reality I was on muddy paths,
Feeling an adult,
When in reality I was just a kid,
Feeling independent
When in reality I was just a dependant,
Feeling like a jewel,
When in reality I was just another kid,
A maker of statistics,
Making big plans,
When in reality they were possible in dreams,
Secured insecurity,
Sensible insanity,
My conscience was like clear fog,
Valid for just a few steps...


With Vaati, Jj Levite, Douglas, Boygene and Ken

By Rapando
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    Nice one keep it up
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