By Cynthy

Mon 28 Dec, 2020 20:15:15 EAT
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It hurts that I won't see your face anymore
vibrant smiles filled with happiness
It hurts that I will never feel your hug
It hurts that I will never hear your jokes anymore
that left me laughing my heart out
reminiscing all the time we spent together
It hurts that we won't make more memories.

I hate that you didn't say goodbye
I don't blame you,
Nobody saw it coming
And here I am
Still crying over you
Wishing we had more time
Time to talk and laugh a little bit more
All I have are messages of promises
Promises to meet up and catch up
I hate that we never did that
I hate that I can't let you go
It's been months but I still check my messages
hoping your name will pop up
I should let you go though
Let you rest in peace
Like they have all been saying

And when we meet again
I'll tell you all about life.

By Cynthy
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  • Allan M
    The gone leave us with their fondest memories,it hurts
    175 wk ago

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