My Nemesis

Ruby Morey

My Nemesis

By Ruby Morey

Thu 18 Nov, 2021 19:08:42 EAT
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My Nemesis

I know what fear looks like
I've seen its gnarled face in sparkly surfaces
In all its camouflage and masquerade
Like an old acquaintance
Its form cannot elude me
Because for all its hurt, cruelty and disdain
I took off its mask, and stared in its face

I've been in fear's audience
Its sultry voice is a sound too familiar
Its whisper like a million buzzing fairy wings
The words carry on in the winds
Brews hatred, discord, envy, unrest and worry
Even the mighty and the brave
Get caught in its whim

I've felt fear's chilly limbs grasp for my sanity
And choke on my will and desire to live
For it made my bossom its pillows, you know
And cradled me in the long sleepless nights
Its unquenched thirst screamed for my soul's strength
And reached out for the rays of the 'morrow's sunrise

By Ruby Morey
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  • Mutis
    125 wk ago
  • Munee
    125 wk ago
  • Adongo
    125 wk ago
  • Ochorokodi Amoit
    This is so beautiful and so well put together. I am shook
    125 wk ago
  • Allan
    I love it
    125 wk ago

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