Final Goodbye.

Allan M. Kiptoo

Final Goodbye.

By Allan M. Kiptoo

Wed 12 Jun, 2019 12:40:53 EAT
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Final Goodbye.

Who am I when I'm not longing,
Who am I after,
Without you.

I know you did not love me but
I did, I loved you.
I made you the center of my world,
Crumbling though it may be in your wake

I am not lost.
I know where I stand,
And that is worse,
Because I stand alone.

I have never hidden from pain.
I have to feel it
In the silence all around me, I will quiet my thoughts.

In the void I will search for direction,
In the darkness I will look for the light that shines on my path.

Always forward mk, there is much ground to cover,
So this is my final good bye.

By Allan M. Kiptoo
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  • Rapando
    The third stanza 👏
    207 wk ago
  • Romanxxiv
    Thanks bro
    207 wk ago

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