Allan M. Kiptoo


By Allan M. Kiptoo

Fri 25 Jan, 2019 21:35:19 EAT
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Cut me a piece of sky
on your way back to my dreams.
Give me a glimpse of heaven
in your journeys down my memories.
Tell me you miss me too.

This silence is killing me
I wish I was mute
then I would understand signs,
then the zodiacs will speak
then I would hear you say hello in the stars - perhaps.

I have wished on a thousand shooting stars and one,
I have laid down facing the heavens on this lawn,
Thinking, then not.

Looking for a light
Bright, in the void. But
I only follow the fireflies,
Their twinkle same as stars afar

they are the stars on this earth
Maybe, the stars we look to are just fireflies
Together, like we are -


By Allan M. Kiptoo
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