Game Point

Holy Boy Ritchie

Game Point

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sat 09 May, 2020 14:42:21 EAT
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Game Point

Tell mama I lost my wife,
By playing gambling with her hard hurt heart,
Thinking it was a sure bet,
Everything revolving around multi bet and jackpot,
Tell mama I lost completely.

Tell Mama one team cancelled the bet,
When she served me breakfast late,
In return I scored a hot slap on her delicate cheek,
Seeing myself a winner, when she cried silently,
Forgetful that the game wasn't over,
A sadist I was, sailing along the wind of football justice,
Tell Mama I lost completely.

Tell Mama I had once been given a yellow card,
When I played rough behind her back.
Tell her I was also caught offside,
When Njeri, my player partner, picked me up in the morning,
And Wanjiru, my coach, drove me back in the evening,
Raising suspicion from my goalkeeper,
Tell Mama I lost completely.

Tell Mama playing defence is tricky,
Many times the ball slipped between my legs,
Scoring in our own goal,
Raising enmity between me and my goalkeeper,
I wish I knew the tricks of defending,
Tell Mama I lost completely.

Tell Mama I'm now seated here at the bench,
Watching Mwangi playing my number,
Tell her Mwangi doesn't miss balls like me,
His match is like that of Lionel Messi –
Of the so called high quality
Tell Mama I'm enjoying watching the game from the bench.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Cliffe
    186 wk ago
  • Mochenga Lydia
    Soo nice congratulations
    186 wk ago
  • Chess
    Mama said maybe u deserved being the audience It ain't always sweet back there But we sit through it all Never wanting to miss one kick The kick u could have made better than him @theothersideofthecard
    185 wk ago

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