Good Work Mr Policeman

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Good Work Mr Policeman

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Wed 06 Dec, 2017 16:04:16 EAT
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#societal evils  

Good Work Mr Policeman


A loveless life,
Living death it is.
Brutality your motivation,
Teargas and water cannons for food,
In the event problems unto us are added.

You seek alter on to the altar,
Praying to be an antidote.
Awful offal is all that turns to be,

You're better than the bettor,
Our lives in the blue sky you blew,
I'm happy you bate the Mama's struggle,
You left her bare just like a bear would do,
By her death you now live.

You gave baby pendo a warm rest,
Name not the toddler in the balcony
Did you say they all supported the bloc?
Or at their ages they carried blocks?

We're always bold,
But with your firearm we're bowled,
Our alliance turned to a bad bode.

Yersterday we matched in the state capitol,
All in the quest for democracy and equity,
And like a choir we ended up to be a quire
For you turned up to be a claque,
So that our efforts be clack
And now your "utumishi kwa wote" just a coax,
Yeah a coax to get to the cokes.

© Expired Giant

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Allan Kiptoo
    Sad piece. I'm glad you're using your craft to point out these injustices.
    312 wk ago
  • Hector De Poet
    Irony at its best bro
    304 wk ago

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