Dried Tears


Dried Tears

By Cynthy

Wed 25 Mar, 2020 22:26:51 EAT
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Dried Tears

I watched the sun set
It's like a dawning experience
Eye opening to the ghosts and evil the night unleashes
The moon though full, bright and calm
Is interrupted
By the cry of a wounded woman,
The tears of a desperate woman,
solemnly hoping the night will save her
Praying the darkness will hide her
Merge and consume all her anguish
But the moon Illuminates
The stars shine and expose her
She curses the world
She regrets the moment she trusted
and gave someone power over her
But it won't be the last of her
She knew deep within
It was only a matter of time
before her demons unleashed hell upon her enemies
Upon all that insulted and hurt her
Good thing she had a list
None will be spared.

By Cynthy
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  • Anonymus
    Wrath of a woman scorned. Great piece as always
    211 wk ago
  • Allan M
    Wrath of a woman scorned. Great piece as always
    211 wk ago
  • Abbas
    Vengeance.. Wrath, like a crowned snake devouring it's own tail.. Beautiful words, made imagination easy.. Great poetry.
    210 wk ago

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