Hands That Speaketh


Hands That Speaketh

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:19:27 EAT
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Hands That Speaketh

Mouths that worketh,
Hands that speaketh,
That's what we boast for, as esteemed beings,
noble among apes, social beings.

Talking of issues and problems,
easier than stretching a hand to help,
we talk of nagging beggars,
yet look away when they ask for shelter,
we talk of corrupt officers,
yet look away as they risk their lives
and survive in shacks,
while ensuring our safety in secure forts we call homes.

We are ready talk of the married slut,
how she lies with the neighbor,
but look away when she complains of unsatisfied desires,
look away when she laments of her always busy husband,
the man who looks for money more than her smile.

We are social beings yes,
but greater than us came and perished,
ask birds of their ancestor the dinosaur,
ruling the world means not domination,
and power means not innocense,
Hands that worketh,
mouths that speaketh,
Thats how life should be.

By Rapando
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