Have A Heart

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Have A Heart

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Sun 12 Feb, 2017 17:13:47 EAT
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Have A Heart

We ache for food,water and security,
That's why I have always acted out,
On the streets with my mum and basin for a drum.
I don't like what we do,
Neither is mum happy with it.

We endure life instead of enjoying it,
All we do atleast add up to our basic.
My mum is dumb that's why she always,
Beats the drum as I sing,
And I'm the product of rape so I'm the only kid.

We can't depend on the government for survival,
Since we got a committee of thieves instead,
Offlate I heard one of them is a womanizer.
We beaver away for a coin,
Though when lucky we get a few notes.

I'm grateful for those who pass by to drop something,
You always make me buoyed up.
I wonder why the rich always buzz around,
Whenever they see us.
Ain't we humans like you?
How I wish you would chucked out ,
Some stuffs for us.
For you dispose food which we lack.
Your dogs eat better than us.
They got kennels while we got cartons for bed

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • John
    That is vivid now.
    318 wk ago
  • Rick Okinda
    makes me buzz with ego of belonging to a good family but the as it ends I get flattened realizing most times I refused to understand that the coins in my pocket belonged to the beggar and hawkers.
    318 wk ago
  • Allan
    Be the voice for you've got the pen
    318 wk ago
  • Phanis Obwaya
    Beautiful piece there...
    318 wk ago
  • Murugi
    Keep up
    318 wk ago
  • Reuben
    Profound insight poem..
    318 wk ago
  • Mwandah
    Nice...gives me smthn to think about
    318 wk ago
  • Shiruha Victor
    a good piece
    318 wk ago
  • Kechi
    thanks guys for your comments i really appreciate
    318 wk ago
  • Susan
    a lesson really
    318 wk ago
  • Maryann
    Nice Piece
    318 wk ago
  • Chad
    318 wk ago
  • Mercy Mulama
    317 wk ago
  • Transformer
    Bruh... I see a bright future in you.. All tha best...
    317 wk ago
  • Nannah
    Nice piece Kechi....keep up
    313 wk ago

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