Hold My Hand


Hold My Hand

By Rapando

Sat 20 Mar, 2021 14:26:52 EAT
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Hold My Hand

Look into my eyes
Even if it the last glance
Those eyes will give.

Cry, baby cry.
Let the tears flow.
Let the pain fester
With pent-up regrets and broken promises.
Let the tears flow
Like blood from those cuts
Your heart has endured for years on end.
Let the tears flow
Give in dear,
To the desire of revenge
On all who squashed your light in the name of ignorance.

Hold my hand dear,
Let me guide you through thorns
'till a rose for your scar we find.
Only then, dear
Will you live in its red royal.
Only then, dear
Shall your mind calm amidst its stormy existence.

Hold my hand dear,
Let me hold you close and feel your broken heart beat.
Let me feel the warmth of your touch.
Let me feel the assurance of your heaves.
'cause dear,
When we find that beloved rose,
I'll hold you close and feel your mended heart calm.
I'll feel your cold skin against my hand
As I touch your chest gone numb
And smile;
'cause dear,
Only then, dear
Will your sea of life calm down
And slowly drift you into the beyond.
Still holding you in my deepest of thoughts
I'll drift to you.

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[ 🎧 Arcade by Duncan Lawrence ]

By Rapando
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  • Kachi
    You can't let go until you confront what hurt you.
    160 wk ago
  • Habiba
    You should do this more
    159 wk ago
  • HELLEN Rapando
    Nice one bro. Had missed reading your poems. Thumbs up
    159 wk ago
  • Armstrong Alaro
    Captivating pieces of art.
    154 wk ago
  • Cynthia
    Captured my heart Really heartfelt 💯💯💯
    146 wk ago
  • Joyce Rapando
    Thumbs up bro!👍
    137 wk ago

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