kechi kenyatta / expired giant


By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Wed 16 Aug, 2017 23:21:24 EAT
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The news are just bode,
As I'm bowed by the future
Though I can't cite to my sight
For it's better to listen to a chord than hang to a cord.

I need to be bolder just to crack the boulder.
For to be a boarder I'll have to get to the border
Life is about proportion
And metamorphosis not just a process.

All I'm offered is the dew
Yet my dues are to be sorted.
Maybe I'll be dyed by lies when I die
For that's the dyne they dine in.

I'm a ship that needs a draught,
Yeah for my life is just but a draft
Maybe I'll have to see a doc
Before my being is headed to the dock.

I know no the noes,
For I'm just but a modest
Who hopes time will tell
And now safe just a place to be.

Expired Giant

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Roy Lidigu
    Life as it is
    328 wk ago
  • Kado
    at times we just hope to be on the right side when the time comes Nice piece
    328 wk ago
  • Lumala
    Good sir
    328 wk ago
  • Hector De Poet
    All human race, without hope and faith, are walking corps!! I am a ship that needs a draught I love this piece
    327 wk ago

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