How I Wish

Holy Boy Ritchie

How I Wish

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Fri 11 Aug, 2017 16:25:30 EAT
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How I Wish

How I wish...
That I could have someone by my side,
Side by side we be in this journey of life,
Life which is full of ups and downs,
Ups and downs meant to strengthen us.

Someone standing by my side knowing,
Knowing I'm not flawless and bound to make mistakes,
Mistakes which turn out to be a learning experience,
Experience with every soul considering the best teacher,
Teacher teaching others to make sense.

How I wish I had someone sharing my feelings,
Feelings of happiness and sadness,
Sadness not driving away that someone,
Someone lending a shoulder to lean on,
Lean on when life struggles push me to the wall,
Wall too high to climb.

Someone ready to wipe my tears,
Tears of loneliness but telling it's well,
It's well when she will be knowing it's not,
How I fancy meeting that kind of a soul,
A soul I'll consider Heavensent to my life
How I wish....

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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