I Am Not A Poet

Holy Boy Ritchie

I Am Not A Poet

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Wed 16 Jan, 2019 15:27:10 EAT
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I Am Not A Poet

"Am I a truly a poet?"
Is a question rotating clockwise in my mind
What do poets resemble?
What defines one to be a poet?
I'm just a mere village boy,
Scribbling my own thoughts on paper for my own satisfaction
I don't know anything about poetry or being poetic, leave alone writing a poem,
Mine are just words...words I learn everyday
I am not a poet.

I am not a poet like Shakespeare or Maya
Whose complex terms send almost or all of us to referral hospitals for meanings
Their audience must be literate enough to decipher the message
Mine is just simple English like vowels,
I use simple sentences we constructed at school to suit any audience in society,
So am I really a poet?
I am not a poet.

Poets aren't poor like me,
They are rich with words
Words which I struggle to find to construct a sentence,
Their words are medicinal to the society, they say
While they describe the dead heart in their writings, I try to bring to life the same heart,
I am not a poet because I write things the way I feel them and not what others dictate me,
I write because I want to satisfy my desires from my heart and build a just society
I write because it feels right to write
I don't write because I am a writer but because I want to fill the blank pages in my heart,
To provide answers to the inquisitive,
To be a source of comfort to the weak,
And laughter to those eyes blinded by tears,
So am I still a poet?
I am not a poet.

I am not a poet because I don't have a specific reason to write,
I don't want to be famous like ancient writers whose names are engraved in all poetry books but I want to see things from my own perspective,
I don't write for fame and neither do I write for pay,
I don't want to be a celebrity and that is why I don't like being called a poet because I feel poets don't need to be famous,
I write because I am a servant of the pen and I want people to understand what they are up to,
I write to condemn the evils practiced in the society and not to make a brand for myself
I write because I am a servant of the pen and it feels right to write,
I don't write because I am a poet
I am not a poet.

I write because the blood in my veins flows with anger whenever I see that young school girl committing abortion in broad daylight and nobody bothers to interrogate
I write because my blood boils whenever I see that red on her skirt and the culprit walking freely,
I write to give hope to those broken hearts to continue holding on and maybe one day all shall be well with them
I don't write to gain favours from the public or make myself a good name in the media like poets do,
I am not a poet.

I am not a poet because I not only dance to my own tunes but also to the tunes of others,
I don't use flavours in my pieces like poets to sound good in order to manipulate many to my side,
I don't use stylistic devices when writing like poets do because sometimes people misinterpret the meanings we intend to pass through,
I write in my own way and use my own style to suit the audience I address
I am not a poet and I tend to distance myself farther from the definition of a poet,
I prefer to be called a servant because that's who I am... A servant of the pen
I am not a poet.

Being called a poet is disrespectful to the writers of today
Let that name remain with the ancient writers whose pieces are with us but no longer valid,
The writers who used sophisticated terms to make them unique but didn't realize the importance of simple language
The writers whose pieces are highly valued but none is put into practice,
Better to be called servants than poets
Ye who wants to be a master must be a servant
That's why I want to be called a servant of the pen
I am not a poet!

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Anonymus
    Wow, a nice piece bro But you are a poet! Poets are poor 'just like you' for all their treasures they invested in words. You have not to use complex terms like Shakespeate or Maya to be a poet, the simple words well expressed makes u one
    278 wk ago
  • Ombati Kevin
    Nice one bro.
    278 wk ago
  • Jp
    Good work.. Keep it up
    278 wk ago
  • Ryns Bush
    awesome bro,,,😻
    278 wk ago
  • Olesi
    Good job, thumbs up
    278 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    cool one l like it
    278 wk ago
  • Evah
    cool one l like it
    278 wk ago
  • Tinah
    Nice piece dear... Maintain the spirit
    278 wk ago
  • Maseah
    Like all your pieces, this one is also a nice one. You are a real poet. Out don't need complex writings to be a poet. I believe simplicity is a very good virtue. I love your choice of words. Keep it up Poet Holy Boy...
    278 wk ago
  • Vincent Maobe
    Wonderful lines bro. You are a poet no doubt
    278 wk ago
  • Rubbie
    275 wk ago

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