I Met Dad


I Met Dad

By Rapando

Tue 23 Aug, 2016 20:27:02 EAT
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I Met Dad

So yesterday I met my dad,
Not like we don't see eye to eye,
See, I have a friend,
Maggie is her name,
She goes out in skimpy dresses in sleek cars,
And comes back with faded lipstick at first light,
Her speech is slurred sometimes,
But her hands don't hang empty,
And we share the bounty,
Now our room is a minified suite.

Till yesterday I tasted the honey without meeting the bee,
She said old males carry the sweetest combs,
It's like the fountain in the green valleys,
Never ends, never heats, never questions,
Just shoots refreshing waters to thirsty souls.

She invited me to join the hunt,
That my curves would catch the right guys,
That they loved new faces and mine would be the best,
And the right taste meant the right pay,
That like loyal clients that they are,
My services would spike want and need,
Maybe one day I would fetch as much as she,
I would even oust her as the new queen,
And the honey flow would only thicken.

So she dressed me toe up,
OK, most of my skin was out,
But I didn't mind, it was a hunt where I was the hunter and bait.
A cab wasn't hard to find,
Prepaid it was, she said.

Anxiety, my armpits almost glowed,
Regardless of the roll-on,
Oh! How generous she applied it.
She said the oldies mistook shiny for new,
That they hit the nail on the head,
Not like campus boys who travelled miles just to land you in bed,
Then later turn into magicians and disappear to their bets,
The oldies weren't rough and lengthy,
After a minute or two,
They'd heave and fall asleep, leaving their wallets open,
It was a choice between going rich or walking away, wasted.

So high were my hopes,
Higher than her stilettos on my feet,
Still the well-taught girl in me screamed for a turn around,
But I knew my head was too deep in,
And the honey too sweet to shun,
I was willing to carry the smoke,
And carry the whole hive home.

Already there, so gentle of the men to wait,
Maybe their wives too tired to wait,
But I cared less for I knew this was a change.
My step wobbly, but Maggie's smile was all,
We stepped forward to whistles and cheers,
Raised my eyes to see the sweet old men,
My face transitioned from a nervous smile to a dumb shock,
Like a sped up metamorphosis.

'Dad!' Is all I could whisper,
He could only stare,
Beer in one hand, a girl my age in the other,
I just stood there, waiting for Mother Earth to swallow me,
And wipe my existence off her face,
But it wasn't gonna happen,
So my feet led me out into the night.

By Rapando
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