I Put My Phone Down


I Put My Phone Down

By Rapando

Tue 23 Aug, 2016 21:14:48 EAT
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I Put My Phone Down

(With Audio)

Its not worth it, sick of being sick when not online,
My joy is powered by my phone's battery and its warning sends worry like the world is ending,
My fame is dictated by likes from friends I am not willing to meet,
Just because I got 100+ likes on my previous selfie and ten on the current,
I feel like I am no longer relevant, like my existence is hanging in the balance,
Now I am cracking my brain for the next killer pose,
Just to capture her attention and make her love it, crap, its just worth a double tap.

I check my phone more than I check my own,
My mom, my sisters, I don't even remember when I saw them last,
I don't remember when I last drowned in the family hug,
All the memories are drowned deep down memory lane and,
I try to convince myself that the happy faces in my gallery are the same they wear now,
I try to convince myself that the miniature smiles on my screen are worth a time with those miles away.

I see couples have lost sense of touch to touch devices,
They almost trip with their eyes stuck on those little devils,
even if she tripped and fell, his hands would stretch,
to take a pic of course, going viral is more valued than going on one knee,
The old time after-supper fables are no more, but
Families worshiping their gadgets and smiling at unreal emojis during meals,
Imagine, this is the picture perfect family grand pa once lived and wished for for my father,
I doubt if my father wishes the same for me,
I just wish we could go back to drums and whistles and genuine smiles,
I wish we could go back to value of quality and not quantity,
Days when perfumed letters melted hearts into saying yes, not double taps and flower pictures,
Days when emojis didn't leave us confused with unknown faces we could not fathom let alone make,
Days when friends missed each other and a reunion hug meant the world to them.
Days when church was a shrine and not a place to compare dress and who had faster Wi-Fi,
Days when dates were held in the quiet of nature with no occasional poses to ruin the moment.

Now I feel I was born in the wrong season, when life is a hollow without likes and follows,
A season when my phone gets lost and I can't find my spirit until I buy another,
A season when I am willing to walk miles to find pokemon,
Yet I feel unsafe when my neighbor knocks just to check on me,
A season when I stay awake just to search for funny clips,
yet I turn down my funny friend, that he is annoying and has lost sense of humor.
A season where the sun shines not unless I am told by the internet,
A season where I don't need to know lanes and streets just because I have my GPS,
What happens when I have to run the same roads for my life?

I put my phone down today, just occasional time checks, 
It is an addiction and comes with its withdrawal effects,
I decided to laugh the day away with my best friend,
And hug trees and jump trenches and sniff leaves in the wind of eve,
To talk about the past and hold her hair in the wind and watch it sway,
To play hide and seek, believe me, it was better than temple run,
I didn't have to die and start all over again,
I put my phone down, and down went my small heavy burden that I am always willing to carry,
And I felt a new born joy break free from wherever I locked it up and filled my being,
I put my phone down not for the wrong reasons, but because I want to be me.

By Rapando
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  • Cynthia
    I also get challenged to put my phone.But first, lemmie complete my comment.Great work Sam.
    379 wk ago
  • Cynthia
    379 wk ago
  • Sam
    Thanks Cynthia
    379 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    great work
    366 wk ago
  • Artmania
    nice work
    363 wk ago
  • Nyandiko
    Should I put my down??
    357 wk ago

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