I Saw You On Telly Daddy


I Saw You On Telly Daddy

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:21:16 EAT
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I Saw You On Telly Daddy

Daddy, yesterday morn you went to work,
Dressed in uniform and your boots,
Ready to build the nation,
For me and those after me,
The spirit of Harambee.

You came back in the evening,
Smiling, saying the day was tiring,
That you were up and down the streets,
And the highway of Uhuru,
Bringing justice closer to people.

Before the 7 news you left for bed,
Said all you needed was rest,
I was tempted to flip the channel,
Till the anchor caught my attention.

I decided to watch on,
The demonstrations,
The riots,
The smoke,
The elation.

Then I saw you daddy,
I saw no face,
But I know it was you,
In hot pursuit of that guy,
Swept him off his feet,
His head landed on a rock
I thought he was dead,
But you brought life to him,
Err his unconscious body,
Kicking the hell out of him,
He pleaded not, he resisted not,
He was there,
For your rungu and boots to feast,
Then the final kick on his head,
A rock below,
His head between, your boot on top,

Then again I saw,
An old lady,
In her eighties I think,
Walking in the cloud of smoke,
Her tears,
Seemed the only reason she moved on,
That's someone's grandmother,
I highly doubt if she even threw a stone at you,
I've had my dose of the gas, dad,
And that things stings,
Its like a hive opened on the face.

Now dad,
I don't know whether in you to pride,
Or to say I don't know the man in the clip,
I don't know whether to say you defend the law,
Or tap tears from people,
Innocent and guilty in the same measure
I think we need to talk,
If this is what brings food to the table,
Let me not eat today.

By Rapando
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