I Shall Return


I Shall Return

By Rapando

Mon 25 Jul, 2016 09:41:25 EAT
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I Shall Return

I shall return, in body or spirit,
I shall return to the land of my fathers,
My life shall tell a blind story of ignorance,
It will tell a story of a weak mind swayed by lies,
It will tell a story of blind following.

Maybe my body will carry scars of the desert
Maybe my casket will carry scattered flesh,
Maybe cotton will fill the bullet holes,
But I know I shall return.

My life will tell of a radicalised mind,
Swayed in its prime,
Led astray by evil men scapegoating a belief for their actions,
Using ideologies only them could prove,
Killing lives while preaching the same belief that condemns it.

My life will tell of a wasted gentleman,
It will shout of guilt and shame in chopping of innocent heads,
It will tell of a pride in killing people's dreams,
It will tell of a messenger of hunger and plagues,
It will tell of a yearning for death,
It will tell of a puppet who pulled the trigger
when someone else pulled the string,
It will tell of someone who rolled in desert sands as he aimed at people's hearts,
It will tell of a monster forged by the hand of lies,
It will tell of a robot controlled by hate and loathe for what's right.

When I return, alive,
Send me to the edge of the village where beasts roam,
Let me bathe with crocodiles of the river,
For I will be human no more,
Let me fight with the ghosts I have made,
Let them howl in my ear and steal my peace,
Let me roam with the night and sleep under the sun,
Say no nice words for me,
For my ears carry nothing but wails,
My eyes have been fed by scenes of death,
My mind has planned massacres,
My hands have placed bombs in malls and mauled kids.

When I return, dead,
Bury me with haste,
Let a few people come,
Don't spice my eulogy,
Tell them of my bloody hands,
Tell them of my hunger for lives,
Tell them of my schemes and plots,
Tell them I bombed their kids and mothers,
Tell them I ripped their unborn children from wombs,
Tell them I shot their fathers,
Tell them I killed their brothers and sisters in school,
Tell them I fought the helpless,
Tell them I was misled and stuck on the wrong way,
Name no kid after me, let me forgotten,
Tell them not to be like me,
Tell them not to hate because of belief,
For I don't want to be a synonym of pain after am gone.

By Rapando
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  • Nita kuria
    very inspiring, great choice of words..i am moved by the message
    379 wk ago
  • Norbert Ochola
    Owesome I feel like reading it the all day
    366 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Thanks guys :-)
    365 wk ago

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