I Won't Marry


I Won't Marry

By Rapando

Sun 02 Oct, 2016 05:24:15 EAT
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I Won't Marry

I won't marry, yes, I won't marry,
With everything lacking attached strings it would be a waste if time,
With pictures full of vulgar on social media,
What picture of a mom will my son paint in his mind when he finds them pasted on my wife's wall?
With emphasis laid solely on figure and weight of wallet,
Where will I find a beautiful heart?
I won't marry, yes, I won't marry.

I dated Anyango and I felt at home with her beautiful chuckle,
Once or twice she'd rob me with a kiss but I didn't mind,
She chipped in too, I longed to wife her and make her mine.
She went mum whenever I confessed I was broke,
She'd sleep facing the wall and wash the pillow with tears
Tears laden with regrets of why she stumbled on a stone on her way to richness,
I was the stain on her pass to fame and she blamed me because she couldn't get the latest heels.
She had dozens already, but her feet smiled in my presence,
And lured me into getting her the latest designs,
I feared marrying a Kardashian, I wouldn't afford exotic luxuries in our humble abode,
Her latest pair was a shilling less twice my monthly rent.

I then met Kendi, humble in and out,
She was brown, with a gap in her upper jaw,
Her grip melted me and her occasional massage sessions were the perfect glue she held me with.
She knew how to carry herself and made it known I was hers,
She knew how to mark her territory and boy, she marked it,
She would occasionally leave sensitive clothing where female eyes wouldn't miss,
She had no issues with my privacy, but she knew too well I wouldn't cheat.
What else would I look for yet she had it all,
And yes, too much of something is poisonous as they say,
She had it all, what would I miss?
If this was going to be a lifetime bond,
It would be a life sentence of exciting boredom then.

I then met Kate,
She had no looks or figure to brag, but she had a clean heart,
She washed my clothes even when I asked her not to,
I met her during one of my periodical home visits,
She was the daughter of Mulama, the village elder,
She was learned but still had her African values fresh,
She had her respect and I gave her mine,
She welcomed my guests with a warm smile and hospitality,
She supported me in all my decisions, all, right or wrong,
That's when worry covered my love for her,
I knew just how prone to mistakes I am,
And I wasn't ready to bring in someone who wouldn't correct me.

My last option was Cherry,
Who I later realised her real name was Chebet,
She was exotic from head to toe,
She carried an accent as heavy as her make up,
An accent as exotic as all the perfumes in her dressing table,
She swayed her behind and wiggled it whenever my eyes strayed to it,
She was jealous and let me know that,
She invaded my phone and changed my Whatsapp profile to match her's,
Funny thing, none of my pictures made it to her hers,
She got all the attention while I was the driver behind the scenes,
She made me take a car on loan and helped in nothing when payment demands knocked,
She however helped me drive it to places I didn't even know existed,
Later, I discovered she had another source of income,
Another man a quarter less the age of her father,
She said my income couldn't afford her facial look alone,
That I should be more grateful, that I was lucky to have a hard working woman.

I won't marry, yes, I won't marry.

By Rapando
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  • Kate
    Did I see a Kate there?
    397 wk ago
  • Immah
    Hehe......lovely piece
    397 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    397 wk ago
  • Alearn Poet
    Awesome piece I have learnt something 😘😜😜
    397 wk ago
  • Leah.
    397 wk ago
  • Catchykachie
    You shouldn't marry lest on your wedding day a bevy of beauties line up to claim you
    397 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Haha Katchie, why say that? I am not even the persona
    397 wk ago
  • Simon Mungai
    Great piece. Tongue tied.
    397 wk ago
  • Christine
    Awesome piece
    392 wk ago
    Congrats bro , maintain the passion
    388 wk ago

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