In My Shoe...

Ruby Morey

In My Shoe...

By Ruby Morey

Mon 14 Sep, 2020 20:22:25 EAT
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In My Shoe...

Maybe it was a long shot
But when her heart was bursting with joy
Or breaking with sadness,
And words were failing her
She always envisioned arms around her
A mind strong not to break under the weight of her information
A spirit tender that listened without judgement
A heart gentle to absorb her feelings without filtering

But all around faces would contort in the middle of her story
A smirk here, a look of distate there
A million comments on how silly she was for feeling the way she was
A picture was oft painted of an ideal picture that she should aspire to.

With time, she retreated to this cocoon
And when she came out
It was for a superficial banter that conformed to the ideal
The colours once bright in her world became dull
The days long and dreary
Her laughter once filled with cheer and merry, now sounded hollow even to her own ears.

One day she looked into the mirror
And really really looked
Admid the tears that marred her vision
She met the person she had always been searching for
With the strong arms
And gentle demeanor
Brave heart with a steady beat
Big ears and a tiny mouth
Who was more willing to listen than she was to speak.

Then the world was alive once again
With more a profound clarity
More vibrant than ever before
Different sounds, colours, textures, tunes and hues
She opened up to all this
And watched nature bloom under her empathetic touch and gaze.

By Ruby Morey
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  • Allan M
    The pictures you bring to life in this piece are exquisitely created­čî×
    170 wk ago

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