Into The Night


Into The Night

By Rapando

Tue 30 Mar, 2021 04:17:58 EAT
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Into The Night

The sun is our muse today, Love.
Let its orange embers bathe us in glory
As we mellow in the gentle sway of the sea.

Hold my hand, Love.
Let me feel your calm in the breeze
As our eyes take in the vast calm of waters;
A mirror of our love
That braves waves and takes us to shore
To our serene safe space: us.

Let's sit here, Love.
Let's live forever in this moment
As the sun retires with its scarlet glory.
Close your eyes, Love
And look at me with your everlasting presence
Just like the sun
As it peers from the other side till morning comes.

Let's go into the night with a smile on our faces.
Let the moon be our guide
As we glide on the starry carpet that is the night sky in your eyes.
Let's dance to the rhythm of the receding tide
Till morning knocks with the gift of a new day.

[ 🎧 Leave the door open by Bruno Mars ft Anderson Paak ]

By Rapando
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