Ma Tell This To Pa


Ma Tell This To Pa

By Rapando

Tue 23 Aug, 2016 20:21:08 EAT
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Ma Tell This To Pa

Ma, tell this to Pa,
His ears no longer listen to my words,
He only listens to Ajuwa and Busaa,
Says he talks not to the not-yet-wise like me,
Maybe he'll listen to you, so tell this to Pa'.

Awino is my betrothed, my future companion,
Awino is mine, his daughter in-law to be,
My heart is for her, her voice is the nyatiti of my heart,
When I am thirsty she offers me a whole Lolwe,
Tell him to stop eyeing her,
He promises her cows, the same I am supposed to give her jodalagi,
He waits at the village market and sticks his eyes on her waist,
He says she is the daughter of the West,
That her warmth rises with the setting sun,
That her black skin shines the sun in his eyes,
That she is a bait to his happiness.

Ma, tell Pa it will be chira if he touches her,
I don't want a curse to befall my lineage,
I don't want to dip in the same pot as he,
Still, I don't want another pot,
Awino is yet to catch soot,
Her thuno stands as the hills of Ramogi,
Her legs promise to take us to the future,
And her hands - an evidence of work and determination,
promise a future of fill and wealth.

Tell Pa,
The forest might be the same but its my time to hunt,
Tell him to enjoy the shade and wait for my nyithinda,
Tell Pa that Awino is mine.

By Rapando
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