Mama I'm Sorry

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Mama I'm Sorry

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Fri 30 Dec, 2016 19:42:28 EAT
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Mama I'm Sorry

As I write I apologize for the mistakes already done which can't be reversed.
I know you warned me against rushing into love,which I didn't without thinking.
Mama I was making silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Though men always proposes,while God disposes,
I think even God Wasn't happy.
I know you warned me against marrying the same woman,
Yeah the same woman who hurt my feelings,
And I thought you were wrong, I now understand many true words you spoke in jest.

Hurry hurry has no blessings that's what you used to say ,and in the end I collected curses.
I thought I could let go what wasn't mine,but I was always wrong,
Thats why I always went back to her ;the power of love .
All I wanted was to marry in haste and repent as leisure.
Since I thought men made houses while women made homes.

Mama I want to thank you for the farewell party you offered me.
Though I always disappointed you but you never let the world know,
I appreciate the eulogy and the dirges sang in praise of me,
But mama I'm in anguish now,im paying her debts,
Ooooh not her debts but the debts of my sins Mama.

The fire in Hades is not pleasing,
I can't see my long loving friends ,those who used to escort me to pub's and clubs.
I wish I could have listened to your advices,
I now understand why you used to wake us early for church on Sundays.
I understand why you used to read us Bible verses each new day,
Mama I can't come home neither can I visit.
Wishes is what I'm left with, I wish I knew Mama.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Sue
    kudos brooh ....that's good of you... keep on that's how legends are made
    361 wk ago
  • Sue
    kudos brooh ....that's good of you... keep on that's how legends are made
    361 wk ago
  • Grace
    ..Superb piece
    361 wk ago
  • Calvo
    Epic bro....jus try n shortten it
    361 wk ago
  • Moses
    Good work
    361 wk ago
  • Sylvia
    Great work bruh..
    361 wk ago
  • Mary Kerubo
    Wow! Indeed very touching, I like the poem, may God see u through in this journey.
    361 wk ago
  • Nannah
    yah..very touching message there....lots of flashbacks....the rest leave it to God....kazi nzuri sana kaka..yapendeza kweli
    361 wk ago
  • Kechi
    Thanks guys I appreciate
    361 wk ago
  • Chaloh
    361 wk ago
    Keep it up sir
    361 wk ago
  • Jessa Dinglasa
    Supper ..indeed my freind kechi....very nice poem
    361 wk ago
  • Kechi
    Thanks guys. I appreciate@charloh and lumala.
    @jessa I'm humbled hope always pass by friend
    361 wk ago
  • Dismas
    Flashback hehe i cant imagne nyc work pal
    361 wk ago
  • Maurine Kado
    dope.....I like this,great piece
    361 wk ago
  • Hellen
    Keep up bro.
    That's amazing
    361 wk ago
  • Kenyatta Junior
    Better be sorry bro ... i love the piece 4 real keep it up
    360 wk ago
  • Irene
    Nice piece...
    359 wk ago

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