Marry When Strong

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Marry When Strong

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Wed 02 Jan, 2019 21:52:44 EAT
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Marry When Strong

I'm high not on spirits,
But lively with holy spirit,
Delighting in the law ,
The law that was and still is.

I yield fruits each seasons,
And the watery discharge sign of normality.
I'm clean in mind and body
Hasn't He said we're His temple.
My wages set for the true religion.

Some women are hidden snare
Are ravenous for wealth
And out of the wicked comes....

They seat with scoffers
Walks with the wicked,
The book of law departed from their mouth

We all sometimes rise in their hands,
And all they do is "good"
Their words spears and arrows to our hearts
Their sweet tongues sharp swords,
And before you know...
So better marry when strong.

©Expired Giant

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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